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War and Remembrance (The Good War and the Bloody Shirt)


By Wayne Allensworth If there be any glory in war, let it rest on men like these  — Dedication to Audie Murphy’s To Hell and Back The elaborate and politicized commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, held on a bluff overlooking what had been Omaha Beach on that momentous day, provoked a wave of memories and emotions in me that I had not anticipated...

Ideology Skews Foreign Policy


By Wayne Allensworth Professor John Mearsheimer is a leading proponent of a realist foreign policy based on national interests and maintaining a balance of power among the major countries. In the video below, however, Professor Mearsheimer admits that the theory, which assumes that the great powers act according to a realist view of the world, doesn’t always work. A number of wildcards can skew...

The Rise of Putin and the Ukraine Endgame (A View from the Bridge)


By Wayne Allensworth It was November in Moscow, 24 years ago. I was taking a walk, killing a little time before my next meeting with one of my Russian contacts. As I had often done in the past, I walked across Red Square, past the red walls and golden domes of the Kremlin. The air was cold, but not yet frosty, and I pulled my collar closer around my neck. I was headed for the Bolshoy Moscow...

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