“Dr.” Jill Gives “International Women of Courage” Award to Argentine Man

By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American)

Joe Biden’s Tranny Freak Show lost a cast member in December when Sam Brinton, the bald, non-binary sadist who ran the nation’s nuclear-waste program, was fired. Airport video surveillance exposed young Brinton as an international luggage thief.

Still, the freak show must and will go on. Good thing is, the lineup has a new member, albeit one who might only make an occasional cameo appearance now and then.

The new star is Alba Rueda, Argentina’s “Undersecretary of Diversity Policies,” who received the administration’s “International Women of Courage Award” from First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Rueda is yet another of the men that Biden and the media are calling women.

And with a straight face, no less.

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