Our War is Not in the Middle East


By Wayne Allensworth

Our latest mass media distraction is the deluge of news about the fighting between the Israelis and Hamas. Hamas terrorists have taken hostages, and there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Washington about “Israel’s right to exist.” The American public has been conditioned to react to whatever crisis the Blob considers to be of great import — or at least useful for its purposes — and the airwaves are full of man on the street interviews relaying undying popular support for Israel. Meanwhile, the Globalists’ hard left allies have chosen another favored victim in the form of the Palestinian Arabs.

No matter.

As Russell Kirk once famously observed, some people seem to think the capital of the good old U.S.A. is Tel Aviv — and, yes, to a considerable degree, Capitol Hill is, as Pat Buchanan famously said, “Israeli occupied territory.” Practically every top-level political figure in the country has rushed to express his love for Israel, as you might expect, given their donors’ wishes. Bowing in the direction of Jerusalem is practically de rigueur in American political life.

It’s not all about the money, though. The Holocaust Industry has been in full swing for decades, playing its part in guilting Americans into unconditional support for Israel as atonement for the persecution of Europe’s Jews, something that America had no part in. That guilt campaign is one wing of the leftist/globalist alliance’s general effort to defame the evil Western Patriarchy and its religion. Too many of us have uncritically bought the whole package. As a people of European Christian civilization, we were pronounced guilty. And apparently nothing we have done in the form of civil rights legislation, affirmative action, and promoting the legitimacy of practically every culture and religion except our own can ever be enough. Add to that the eschatological obsessions of a large number of evangelical Christians, obsessions they don’t seem to be aware are not shared by many of their countrymen, and the warmongering takes on the aura of a religious crusade. We are supposedly duty bound to forever subordinate ourselves to history’s designated victims — and in this case, it means massive military spending and a perpetual readiness to protect Israel.

To cut to the chase, Americans have absolutely no reason to have an opinion on, much less take sides in, every conflict everywhere within the Blob’s reach. Media conditioning about America as a global crusader, and lots of propaganda on “American leadership” and “credibility,” however, have done the job of convincing America — including a Middle America that was once skeptical of “foreign wars” — that since Pearl Harbor, it is “our” job to police the entire globe. This, despite what I can only characterize as Americans’ colossal ignorance about the histories and nuances of the various battles they are all too eager to get involved in. The hubris of such geo-political delusions is breathtaking.

Understandably, many of Europe’s surviving Jews sought refuge in the ancient Jewish homeland following the horrendous slaughter of World War II. They had found out what not having their own country means. And they were willing for the sake of their posterity to fight for a homeland and conquer it. It is equally understandable that the Palestinian Arabs who had lived on that land for centuries were unwilling to give it up. Both sides engaged in terrorism in that fight.

Trying to sort out such a conflict is reckless and debilitating. It’s no mystery that Americans have their reasons for being sympathetic to the Israelis over the Arabs given that Arab and Moslem terrorism has often targeted Israel’s ally America. But there is much more to the conflict than that. Everybody has their reasons, and we should be trying to determine what our interests actually are, what our reasons should be, and where our fight actually is.

In the meantime, our own country, the land that we love, the only people that I have, being an unhyphenated American, has been undermined from within during the entire time of my generation’s presence on God’s earth. Liberal internationalism triumphed in World War II, as did the Deep State that was created by world war and a Cold War that, as it turned out, interested parties had no desire to end. The technological Revolution of the late 20th Century made the utopian dreams of Globalists seem achievable. The “end of history” is their goal—and they need to make an end of us to get there.

And here we are, well more than three decades after the Berlin Wall fell, making proxy war on Russia, and still — still — intervening in the Middle East long after the Cold War could be used as a justification for involvement there. Since the disastrous Iraq war, American intervention has done no more than create further chaos in an already chaotic part of the world.

At the same time, “our” government and its allies on the left, in trans-national corporations, in the leftist mainstream media, in the leftist educational establishment, and increasingly in our churches, have acted to destroy our country in any form recognizable to patriotic Americans. The Blob and its minions have encouraged criminals, torn down our monuments, denigrated our history, taught sexual deviancy to our children, celebrated perversity and ugliness in the arts and entertainment, attacked every social norm and traditional belief we have, and opened our Southern border to millions of “migrants” who are meant to seal the deal for the Blob by displacing us.

Our war, the only one that really matters, is here.

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of  The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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