Globalist Blowback and the End of America


By Wayne Allensworth

As it appears the Israelis are gearing up for a ground campaign in Gaza, threatening a general war in the Middle East that could draw American fighting men into the festivities, it’s time to assess just what America has at stake at home relative to its already overextended foreign commitments.

It’s now becoming clear that “MAGA” was always an illusion. “America First” was the battle cry of old-stock Americans who lamented the passing of their country, and non-interventionists who recognized that a global imperium is incompatible with republican government, traditional social norms, and a grounded, not an abstract or propositional, American identity. But it never really displaced an ideology of “universal nation” messianism, not even in Middle America. In the eyes of too many of us, America the superpower and global policeman “good guy” legitimized their identity, wiping away “the patriarchy’s” sins. That created a channel for a misplaced patriotic fervor they were no longer allowed to display in regard to their actual country. It didn’t seem to matter that the global policeman lost its wars, even when it “won,” as in Iraq. Or that Washington’s ham-fisted interventions in the Middle East had only created more chaos in an already chaotic region. That blindness means war. War now, war always. A never-ending war aimed at, as the blockheaded “W” infamously put it, ending evil in the world.

Middle America has been seduced by its own assumed godlike power to make the world right. The old “shining city on a hill” image of America was meant to be an example to the world, not the new center of world revolution, replacing the defunct Soviet Union. Capitalist globalism and global Communism are cousins, the shape shifting revolutionary zeitgeist having moved Westward long before the anti-Gorbachev coup of 1991 signaled the death knell of the Soviet era. Our only historic mission should be to secure the country for our posterity.

Yet, according to a recent NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll, only 23 percent of respondents polled believe the United States should stay out of the Middle East imbroglio. While 69 percent of Democrats want the U.S. to back Israel in a war, 72 percent of Republicans are gung-ho for American involvement. Washington has ordered a second carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean. The deployment includes a “rapid response force” of U.S. Marines who could support Israeli operations. The new House Speaker, Mike Johnson, has set his real priorities, promising to pass a bill giving Israel whatever it wants. And the bill quickly passed. Meanwhile, the decrepit face of the globalist Blob, Joe Biden, has pledged to keep up American support for Ukraine and Israel simultaneously, even with talk of a possible third war with China should it invade Taiwan. With America’s southern border wide open, life expectancy declining, deaths of despair among working class Americans continuing, teen suicide signaling a diseased society, and general woke lunacy assailing all I thought we held dear, it appears that Washington—and, to be fair, most Americans, including self-styled “conservatives”—care more about what happens in the Middle East than the fate of their own country. The real country, not the abstraction. Our battle is here.

Hearing Christians join the belligerent chorus of destruction, with the Palestinians cast in the role of the Canaanites God supposedly ordered wiped out, is disconcerting. What would Jesus do? I suggest that Holy Terror Christians re-read the Sermon on the Mount. Let that be their guide in troubled times. Blessed are the peacemakers, and a proper role for the great global superpower in this disaster is that of peacemaker, the aim being to stop the bloodshed and prevent a wider war. We are frighteningly close to a conflagration, as a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, a potential war with China, and a Middle East conflict that could include Iran, could conceivably merge in a domino effect. American troops in Syria and Iraq — yes, there are American troops in those countries for reasons that escape me — are already under attack. And U.S. warplanes have launched airstrikes on “Iranian proxies” in Syria.

This is not a game of Risk, or a gamer’s video combat simulation. It’s great fun for armchair warriors and the managerial class, which seems to relish brinksmanship. It’s better than the best college football spectacle, even more captivating than an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, a respite from the ennui and aimlessness of post-modern life. It’s a suicidal dance to stave off the lack of meaning endemic in a fragmented and increasingly dysfunctional society.

And it’s become clear that global superpower status isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Indeed, we are witnessing Washington’s alleged clients influencing, even shaping, American foreign policy, while the global masses colonize the imperial metropolitan, transforming it into something some of us who have not succumbed to hubris no longer recognize. A sort of reverse assimilation is taking place as we are whipsawed by ancient feuds distant from us and alien cultural norms are embedded in what used to be our society. They aren’t becoming us. We are becoming them. The power of the Israeli lobby has been obvious for anyone with eyes to see for a long time, but continuous mass immigration from all corners of the globe means we are seeing the Middle Eastern conflict being played out on our own streets.

Come home, America. We’ll need all our energy and resources to try and salvage something from the train wreck here. We are running out of time.

Chronicles contributor Wayne Allensworth is the author of  The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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