George W. Bush and Friends: Enemies and Traitors


I have to admit, “W” was a barrel of laughs. Yes, the presidency of George W. Bush was the source of much laughter. Bitter laughter, that is. The kind of laughter that overcomes a man when he knows that he is absolutely screwed.

And “W’s” disastrous presidency was one major screwup.

It wasn’t only the mangled syntax, or his self-righteously crowning himself “the Decider” that made his presidency so, ah, memorable. It wasn’t Will Farrel’s classic Saturday Night Live “W” impersonation, though that was a real humdinger.

Policy disasters were the main course served up by the administration during the Bush II debacle. The Iraq war, based entirely on deception and lies, was his crowning criminal achievement, but the march of folly didn’t stop there.

It didn’t start with Obama

George W., for instance, indulged in a number of “transvaluations” of commonsense values, something that is today the hallmark of what is called “woke” ideology. It’s a process that involves re-defining our notions of what is true and what is not true, of what is right, and what is wrong. Yes, “W,” the “compassionate conservative,” turned the world upside down. It didn’t start with Obama.

Take the commonsense assumption that when adherents of an alien religion have, over a long period of time, demonstrated a nasty habit of attacking, murdering, enslaving, and terrorizing “infidels,” it would make perfect sense to reconsider allowing them into our country.

The Decider knew better. Many of us will forever remember him as the fool who, following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, declared that “Islam is peace.” The presumption of “W’s” telling Muslims what their religion really means was coupled with a puritanical anti-racism that squelched “profiling” at airports, something that cost American lives on 9/11.

And let’s not forget that the wave of “anarcho-tyranny” we are experiencing isn’t a recent invention. The expansion of the surveillance/“national security” state under “W,” justified by his “war on terror,” went a long way toward conditioning ordinary Americans to accept further encroachments on their privacy and liberty. TSA agents frisking perfectly harmless airline passengers instead of practicing “racist” profiling became the “new normal.”

Bush often demonstrated a preference for foreigners over Americans. That proclivity was never made more evident than during the administration’s prosecution of two Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, for shooting a fleeing Mexican drug runner. One of the charges against Ramos and Compean was that they had violated the “civil rights” of the drug smuggler. The case was pursued under pressure from what may be “W’s” favorite country, Mexico, and was likely aimed at appeasing our neighbor to the South, as well as sending a demoralizing message to Border Patrol agents.

Nevertheless, Bush’s presidency was defined most by what the administration didn’t do. Following 9/11, George W. Bush had the political capital to pursue patriotic immigration reform and secure our borders. After a brief period of tightened border security, however, it was back to business as usual: porous borders and mass immigration. The “great replacement” had to go on.

“W” locked in the globalists’ “invade the world/invite the world” paradigm, and his disastrous presidency cleared the way for Obama. Bush II’s arrogance was matched only by his ignorance, and his globalism has only become more strident since then.

Enemies and Traitors

It’s no surprise that “W” has established a warm friendship with the Obamas. Michelle Obama has noted that “we share the same values,” while Barack Obama has gushed that “I love him [Bush] to death.” Without a hint of irony, Barack has even remarked that he and “W” were “partners in crime.” Indeed.

The two ex-presidents and their cronies have a lot to talk about. Following the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the masks worn by the leading players in the Kabuki theater that is American politics came off. The reaction of the globo-elite to the threat of a rebellion by Middle American “deplorables” showed us rubes what was really going on in Washington, if we had not already guessed.

A shallow man lacking self-awareness, “W” has made it quite clear where he stands in that regard. And he is once more displaying the tone deafness that is a hallmark of our political elites. At a time when millions of Americans are out of work, and the “woke” crowd is mounting a relentless attack on the country’s core Middle American population, “W” is all set to release a new coffee table book of his “portraits of immigrants,” cleverly entitled Out of Many, One.

“W” fancies himself as a real artist, and the portraits will be put on display at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. In a recent press release, Bush’s publisher, Crown, declared that the book “reminds us of the countless ways in which America has been strengthened by the individuals who have come here in search of a better life.”

 You can bet your last sawbuck that it never occurred to Bush or his publisher that perhaps actual Americans, people whose real incomes have stagnated for decades, want a better life, too.

Your humble servant confesses to having never felt any deep personal animus for “W’s” pal Barrack Obama. Given Obama’s shallow American roots and his cosmopolitan background, I doubt that he ever felt any strong connection to our country. He is our enemy, to be sure, but Bush is something more—he is a traitor.

The Bush family is the very definition of the old, faded American Protestant elite. And like too many others who have similar roots, they somewhere down the line lost their sense of connection with America as a real place, inhabited by a particular people, with its own peculiar history, born of Anglo-Saxon views on liberty and republican order.

We can rely only on ourselves

The damage that the Bushes, especially “W,” have done to our country is likely irreversible. They represent the political face of one wing of the managerial globalist Blob that rules over us. And both wings are hostile to Middle America.

While we fight to carve out havens for Middle Americans to live their lives as they see fit, we must never forget the traitors who aided and abetted our enemies. They can play the roles assigned to them in the docudrama of American politics with the best of them. The Yalie Bush’s phony folksy manner fooled a lot of people a lot of the time.

We must never permit ourselves to be fooled again.

By all means, vote for Donald Trump in November, but we can’t kid ourselves into believing that winning a national election will save us. That ship sailed a long time ago.

We can rely only on ourselves.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

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