Cops in Atlanta Arrest Rioters With Explosives; “Journalist”: Violence Against Property Isn’t Really Violence


By R. Cort Kirkwood (The New American)

Cops in Atlanta arrested six terror suspects on Saturday during a riot to protest the shooting on January 18 of a “non-binary” envirokook who was protesting a new police training center.

The rioting terrorists set fire to a police car and tossed rocks at Atlanta police headquarters.

But that’s not real violence, said a leftist “freelance journalist” who writes for The New York Times and the long-discredited Rolling Stone magazine.

A riot only entails “violence” if the rioters attack people, David Peisner told CNN. Peisner can only be one of two things: An activist disguised as a “journalist” who sympathizes with the communist goons, or an idiot.

His Twitter feed suggests the former.

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