Pro-Russia Conservatives Need A History Lesson


By Tom Piatak On May 9, the Russians celebrated their “Victory Day,” marking the anniversary of the Soviet conquest of Berlin in 1945. Moscow was filled, as it always is on May 9, with red flags, pictures of Stalin, and other symbols of the totalitarian regime that emerged triumphant from World War II. “Victory Day” has become the major national holiday in Vladimir Putin’s...

A Few Words About Dogs


By Tom Piatak The author and his best pal, Sally. Dogs are descended from wolves, but they are not wolves, and should bear their traditional scientific name, Canis Familiaris, not the oxymoronic Canis Lupus Familiaris. Why do I say this, other than because I am a traditionalist in most matters? I refer you to a fascinating experiment conducted by those clever Hungarians. They took puppies and...

A Time to Keep Silence


By Wayne Allensworth To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven… A time to rend, and a time to sow; a time to keep silence and a time to speak (Ecclesiastes 3:1,7) But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him (Habakkuk 2:20) It’s hard to get away from the noise. The cacophony that is now the soundtrack of our lives. The car...

Mass Immigration Is The Rope With Which Open-Borders Libertarians Will Hang Us


By Darrell Dow If libertarian ideologues and open borders apologists are right, the best thing about American Big Tech is that Indians are running it. They dominate the executive suite. Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter, is just the latest Indian-born executive to rise to the top spot at a U.S. tech company. The heads of IBM, Nokia, Adobe, Pepsi, Google, Microsoft, and Mastercard are from India...

Don’t be Distracted by the “Ukraine Crisis”


By Wayne Allensworth Is it “stupid,” as one friend asked me recently, for “us” to be involved in the Russia-Ukraine crisis? My answer: It’s not stupidity driving this, but ideology. Stupidity in such a case would be acting in way contrary to the American interest, but that assumes the “stupid” parties involved could even think of an “American interest” in a way any normal person could understand...



By Tom Piatak Although the media continue to predict a Russian attack on Kiev, followed by an attempt to retake the whole of Ukraine, such a full-scale invasion seems very unlikely at this point. Instead, it appears that Vladimir Putin has achieved his objective in Ukraine, without taking any territory he did not already, de facto, control. Despite what the Ukrainian people may or may not want...

Why I Oppose War With Russia: My Country Comes First


By Tom Piatak With respect to foreign policy, I am an America First nationalist, not a Kissingerian-Bismarckian “realist.”  The former is a moral position, grounded in the fact that a statesman’s primary duty lies to those he serves in office; the latter is an amoral belief grounded in the notion that big fish eat little fish, and the fewer little fish there are causing problems, the...

An Elegy for Wild Bill


By Wayne Allensworth I was blessed to be able to take care of my father, Bill Allensworth (1931-2022). It was a lot of work, sometimes it was overwhelming, but it strangely set me at peace. I realized it was one of the few really unselfish things I’d ever done and that it was not only my father, but me, who was the better for it. Thank you for that opportunity, Daddy, and thanks to all my...

Bowling Alone in Columbine


By Wayne Allensworth Politics are over in America. Political maneuvering will go on, of course, but the old civics class view of American political life was based on a set of assumptions that are no longer operative.  First, America was far more homogenous before the 1965 Immigration Act and the 60’s “New Left” political and social revolution changed the country demographically and...

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