Thanksgiving Day


By Wayne Allensworth If you live long enough and pay attention you learn some things. Every day could be your last. That abiding truth concentrates the mind. Every day should be thanksgiving. Thank God you were born. You can factor in all the pain, all the sorrow, all the disappointment, yet still find that it’s worth it. Living is better than not having lived. And the pain can be overcome...

A Shot Misfired: Another Neocon-Cult Marx Hit On Sam Francis Fails


By R. Cort Kirkwood A remarkable phenomenon on the neoconservative Respectable Right appears to be the periodic urge to attack the late conservative intellectual Sam Francis, dead now 17 years. Calling Francis a “racist” or “white nationalist” and smearing his admirers makes good copy for Big Journalism, meaning the communist Mainstream Media. The attack is a signal: One is on the “right side of...



Yesterday, Italy’s probable next Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, made the following statement: “We did not fight against and defeat communism in order to replace it with a new internationalist regime, but to permit independent nation states once again to defend the freedom, identity and sovereignty of their peoples.” I posted this quote on my Facebook page, where it won quick approval from...

Tim Challies: A Modern-Day Rev. Hyde


By Tom Piatak In writing on religious topics for myriad conservative publications through the past 20 years, my approach has been that of C. S. Lewis in Mere Christianity. I do not hide that I’m Catholic, but I think Benjamin Franklin’s advice on different circumstances applies to the plight we Christians face today: “If we don’t hang together, we will most assuredly hang separately.” As my...



by Tom Piatak Pope Francis said something important in his news conference on the flight back from Kazakhstan: “To defend oneself is not only a right, but it’s also an act of love for the homeland. If someone doesn’t defend something, they don’t love it.” Francis was talking about the Ukrainians’ defense of their country from the Russian invasion. He would not use the same language to describe...

How The Middle class Is Being Squeezed: Globalization And Financialization Of The Economy


By Darrell Dow In 2016, Donald Trump announced his candidacy in a meandering speech which is widely remembered for his comments about Mexican immigration. Immigration was, of course, central to Trump’s 2016 success. But the theme with which he closed the speech animated his campaign and gave Trump’s candidacy its central expression.    “Sadly, the American dream is dead,” Trump...

A Great Need For Witness


by Tom Piatak An energetic and engaging evangelical church publishes a prayer calendar describing the missionaries from the church, other missions supported by the church, and the world mission field, as seen from the perspective of the church, all for the purpose of soliciting prayers for those mission efforts. Unfortunately, I find that calendar rather less engaging than some of the church’s...

Turn Off The Spigot. Time For An Immigration Moratorium


As yet another caravan of “migrants” marches toward the southern border like a relentless column of ravenous army ants, the Biden Regime and its lackeys in the Lügenpresse insist that the “Great Replacement” is a “conspiracy theory.” But the demographic transformation of the United States is not only quite real but also escalating while Americans watch helplessly. Let’s look at the data. The...

Democracy Does Not Mean Rule by Judges


By Tom Piatak I wish all those hyperventilating over the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs would actually read the decision. It is clear, logical, and persuasive. Unlike Roe, it actually explains why its conclusion is grounded in the Constitution. Roe never had any basis at all in the Constitution. It was merely an “exercise of raw judicial power,” as Byron White noted in his...

Let’s Talk About January 6, Please!


Inflation, after being quiescent for decades, is at a 40 year high. Gas prices are ruinously expensive. Biden passed up an early chance to negotiate an honorable peace in Ukraine, and, as a result, we are pouring billions we don’t have into yet another foreign war that does not concern vital American interests.Our southern border is wide open,  violent crime is beginning to skyrocket, and...

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