The Blob’s Dr. Strangeloves Are Ready For Atomic War


Nuclear threats and escalation in Ukraine By Wayne Allensworth The Washington-Brussels-Davos Blob, as I observed in my last post, likely rejoiced when Vladimir Putin opted (took the bait?) to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. He might now have set more limited goals, but the invasion gave the Blob the opportunity it had hoped for; i.e., to use the Ukrainians as cannon fodder in a war aimed...

Don’t be Distracted by the “Ukraine Crisis” — Part III


By Wayne Allensworth Your humble servant and longtime Russia watcher has stated his position regarding Ukraine a number of times: The Washington-Brussels-Davos Blob’s focus on the war in Ukraine is driven by globalist ideology and a visceral hatred for Russian President Vladimir Putin that has nothing to do with us. As I wrote previously: We should hope for peace in and freedom for Ukraine, and...

Do Not be Distracted by the “Ukraine Crisis” Part II


By Wayne Allensworth Prior to the Russian invasion, I stated my position regarding Ukraine on this website. In a piece for Chronicles, I elaborated on the why the anti-Russian media hysteria was misleading and misdirecting the attention of the American Remnant: “Post-Communist Russia is not our enemy, but Washington and the global oligarchs are. It is not Vladimir Putin who is dissolving...

Mass Immigration Is The Rope With Which Open-Borders Libertarians Will Hang Us


By Darrell Dow If libertarian ideologues and open borders apologists are right, the best thing about American Big Tech is that Indians are running it. They dominate the executive suite. Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter, is just the latest Indian-born executive to rise to the top spot at a U.S. tech company. The heads of IBM, Nokia, Adobe, Pepsi, Google, Microsoft, and Mastercard are from India...

Don’t be Distracted by the “Ukraine Crisis”


By Wayne Allensworth Is it “stupid,” as one friend asked me recently, for “us” to be involved in the Russia-Ukraine crisis? My answer: It’s not stupidity driving this, but ideology. Stupidity in such a case would be acting in way contrary to the American interest, but that assumes the “stupid” parties involved could even think of an “American interest” in a way any normal person could understand...



By Tom Piatak Although the media continue to predict a Russian attack on Kiev, followed by an attempt to retake the whole of Ukraine, such a full-scale invasion seems very unlikely at this point. Instead, it appears that Vladimir Putin has achieved his objective in Ukraine, without taking any territory he did not already, de facto, control. Despite what the Ukrainian people may or may not want...

The Feminized “Woke” Revolution and the Canadian Truckers’ Protests


By Wayne Allensworth A perceptive Canadian, commenting on a Rod Dreher blog post, believes that the protests generated by the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers are closely connected to a masculine rejection of a feminized political and social order: “The protesters are definitely the non-elite, a combination of working class and others up to the middle middle class, such as...

Why I Oppose War With Russia: My Country Comes First


By Tom Piatak With respect to foreign policy, I am an America First nationalist, not a Kissingerian-Bismarckian “realist.”  The former is a moral position, grounded in the fact that a statesman’s primary duty lies to those he serves in office; the latter is an amoral belief grounded in the notion that big fish eat little fish, and the fewer little fish there are causing problems, the...

All Politics Are Racial And Tribal. Conservative Policy Proposals Must Recognize That Fact


As They Say, ‘Demography Is Destiny’ By Darrell Dow “In coping with identity crisis,” Samuel Huntington wrote in Clash of Civilizations, “what counts for people are blood and belief, faith and family. People will rally to those with similar ancestry, religion, language, values, and institutions and distance themselves from those with different ones. … In a very fluid world, people are looking for...

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