More evidence of Cracks in the Blob’s Ukraine Consensus


By Wayne Allensworth In my previous piece on the war in Ukraine, I noted some sizable cracks appearing in the globalist elite’s consensus on the war. The Blob’s war aims may be shifting from trying to destroy the Putin regime to helping Ukraine enough to prompt the Russians, who are inflicting huge casualties on the Ukrainians and steadily, slowly advancing in Eastern Ukraine, to come to the...

Are Cracks Appearing in the Blob’s Russia-Ukraine Consensus?


By Wayne Allensworth A New York Times editorial published last month was one indication of cracks that have appeared in the D.C.-Brussels-Davos Blob’s elite consensus on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has been recently focused on using the Ukrainians as cannon fodder in a war aimed at destroying the Russian army and ousting Putin from the Kremlin. America and Its Allies Want to Bleed Russia...

The Uvalde Shooting: I’ll Keep My Guns And So Should You


By Wayne Allensworth The horrifying Uvalde, Texas school shooting on May 25, which followed quickly on the heels of the supermarket massacre in Buffalo on May 14, and a less bloody shooting at a meeting of Asian churchgoers on May 15 in California, has predictably spurred on the usual arguments for and against gun control. Gun controllers say that it should not be so easy to purchase firearms...

Surprise!: “W” Accidentally Tells the Truth


By Wayne Allensworth In what one commentator called “The Freudian slip of the century,” during a speech in Dallas, Texas, George W. Bush condemned the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq,” before catching himself and adding, “I mean of Ukraine.” He made light of his gaffe by adding, “Iraq too, anyway.” Thanks for the clarification, as if we hadn’t known it already. Your humble servant...

David Frum’s Mendacious Choice


By Tom Piatak Look at the reasons Canadian parasite David Frum offers for opposing the $40 billion tax transfer to Ukraine: Subtle distinctions between those who oppose Ukraine aid because they affirmatively admire and support Putin, those who oppose the aid because they hate the West and want it to lose, and those who oppose the aid for the crass partisan reason that Biden is doing it. Subtle...

With SCOTUS Leak, The Real Insurrection Has Begun


By Tom Piatak When Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, this country’s Never Trump Elites were floating on a sea of smug self-righteousness and self-congratulation. “The adults” were back in charge.  “Democracy” was saved. A great danger was averted. Prime exhibit of that danger: the “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, when a small number of Trump supporters, who were part of a...

Pro-Russia Conservatives Need A History Lesson


By Tom Piatak On May 9, the Russians celebrated their “Victory Day,” marking the anniversary of the Soviet conquest of Berlin in 1945. Moscow was filled, as it always is on May 9, with red flags, pictures of Stalin, and other symbols of the totalitarian regime that emerged triumphant from World War II. “Victory Day” has become the major national holiday in Vladimir Putin’s...

The Blob’s Dr. Strangeloves Are Ready For Atomic War


Nuclear threats and escalation in Ukraine By Wayne Allensworth The Washington-Brussels-Davos Blob, as I observed in my last post, likely rejoiced when Vladimir Putin opted (took the bait?) to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. He might now have set more limited goals, but the invasion gave the Blob the opportunity it had hoped for; i.e., to use the Ukrainians as cannon fodder in a war aimed...

Don’t be Distracted by the “Ukraine Crisis” — Part III


By Wayne Allensworth Your humble servant and longtime Russia watcher has stated his position regarding Ukraine a number of times: The Washington-Brussels-Davos Blob’s focus on the war in Ukraine is driven by globalist ideology and a visceral hatred for Russian President Vladimir Putin that has nothing to do with us. As I wrote previously: We should hope for peace in and freedom for Ukraine, and...

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