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Also Called June

Confronted by the sheer amount of media hoopla over “Pride Month,” I am reminded of Sam Francis’ quip about another month-long observance of a political

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Conservative “Trans” Mania

By Wayne Allensworth After the “conservative case for gay marriage” and the “conservative case for transgender rights,” James Kirkpatrick, probably correctly, assumes that we will

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Story’s End

By Wayne Allensworth He wanders among his progeny, lilting subtly as he walks, occasionally slowing to a shuffle on the worn carpet. Sometimes he points

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Our Unpleasant New Religion

The apotheosis of George Floyd leaves little doubt that Wokeism is our new religion. There is literally a shrine to Floyd in Minneapolis, where devotees

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November 4, 2008, All Over Again

The unsurprising news that a Minneapolis jury voted to convict Derek Chauvin has unleashed a wave of self-congratulatory twaddle about “justice” from the political class

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