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Biden To Border Patrol: Shut Up!

Sleepy Joe won’t let border agents talk to the media, especially about “kids in cages.” Remember them? Whatever happened to “transparency?” Agents are leaking video

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Roma Locuta

Credit where credit is due. The Vatican today released a document, approved by Pope Francis, making it clear that the Church lacks the power to

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Dear, Mr. President …

… The editors of American Remnant and their families will get together in their backyards on July 4 or at any other time without your

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A Dreadful Mistake

Eight years ago, the Cardinal electors made a dreadful mistake. Even I, a mere lawyer in Cleveland, knew that Benedict XVI wanted Angelo Scola to

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Francis to Avoid Orban?

In many ways, Hungary’s Viktor Orban has emerged as the leading Christian statesman in Europe. While many talk about helping the family, Orban’s policies have

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The Vanishing American …

As in ancient Rome, foreigners are becoming our emperors by Clyde Wilson Almost everybody assumes that Vice President Kamala Harris will succeed Joe Biden as

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