Biden Campaign threatens to have Trump “escorted” from the White House


By Wayne Allensworth

…If the president won’t concede the election. With Trump ready to put up a fight as the mail-in vote scam unfolds, pledging not to concede until the electoral chaos is sorted out, Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates has warned that “the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

Meanwhile, propagandist Keith Olbermann, in an example of the psychological projection we have come to expect from the Left, blathered that “Trump is trying to foment the violent overthrow of what will shortly be the duly-elected government of the United States and should be charged as such.”  The hyperventilating Olbermann wasn’t finished, however.  He tweeted that the president should be arrested and removed from office.  

What’s taking place is a continuation of the anti-Trump forces’ efforts to construct a Narrative in which it is Trump who is stealing the election, Trump who is fomenting an insurrection, Trump who plans a coup.  This is “gaslighting” taken to a bizarre extreme, as BLM/Antifa, with media approval, have been on the rampage for months. As far as election shenanigans, indeed “the steal is on,” and it is Democratic party machines that are doing the dirty work.

We should take the threats coming from the Left seriously.  Biden was making such threats last summer, already claiming that Trump would try to steal the election, and ominously warning that he was “absolutely convinced” that the military would “escort” Trump from the White House “with great dispatch” should he refuse to concede.

The Democrats’ plan, apparently, was to use mail-in ballots to win the election by hook or crook if necessary.  If Trump fought back, the MSM would paint the president as the aggressor, pressuring him to concede to Biden.  That phase has already begun.  I expect another wave of “mostly peaceful protests” may be in the offing as well.  And if that doesn’t do the trick, then it’s entirely plausible that the anti-Trump forces may at some point attempt to use force against the president.  

If it comes to that, their coup plot could backfire.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood

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  • The president should be measured and careful in what he says and determined and focused in what he does. The Alito order regarding the late arriving Pennsylvania ballots could be the wedge that is needed to make a credible legal and political case. Similar rulings should be sought in all the disputed states. All of the ballots in question must be examined by auditing teams that include an equal number of Democrats and Republicans. If the state refuses to comply or claims it is impossible because the they got mixed in with all the rest, then that will provide the basis for arguing that they should be invalidated.

By Wayne Allensworth

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